Medieval Axe

Approx. Period: 1100 AD
Length: 1.20m Width: 0.30m

The use of the axe in battle continued for most of the period of plate and chain armour. This armour provided considerable protection against a sword blow or an arrow or spear strike. It also provided some protection against an axe blow but the momentum of the heavy axe head was likely to break through the armour, or at least inflict a crippling wound on the wearer.

The curved axe head is forged from iron with a tempered cutting edge. The head weighs several kilograms and would be capable of striking a fatal blow. The shaft has a strong leather thong fitted to improve the grip and achieve a full swing of the axe. The reverse spike on the head would be used to open up gaps in the opponents armour. The shaft tip also has a spike for thrusting and stabbing.