Axe Hammer

Approx. Period: 3000 BC
Length: 0.12m Width: 0.06m

The use of stone axes dates back to the earliest times. Flint axes with sharpened edges would have been used for a variety of purposes including hunting and tree felling, but it is likely that special axe or war hammer weapons evolved for use in conflict. Probably some of the weapons would have been used for ceremony and highly prized and examples can be found from early periods throughout Scotland.

An axe head such as this would have required several days to shape with the limited techniques available. The stone selected would be as close as possible to the required shape to minimise work. A hole for mounting a handle is drilled or ground through the hammer and the stone shaped by chipping and grinding. The final finish would be ground and polished by hand and the stone fixed to its handle with sinews or flax.