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District : Caithness Map
Town or village : Thrumster List
Grid Reference : ND 304 431 Glossary
Period : 3rd millennium BC Bibliography
South Yarrows South

South Yarrows South image

A long chambered cairn with 'horns' at both ends (possibly areas for rituals) in Caithness. The cairn, 73m in length and from 11m to 20m in breadth, seems to have been built originally as a round cairn, before being enlarged to its present elongated shape. Depressions in the top of it could mark collapsed chambers.
The chamber, divided into three compartments, is at the broader east end of the structure (in the photo).
The site was excavated by Joseph Anderson in 1865.
Another long cairn, South Yarrows North (ND 304 434) lies to the north. There is an archaeological trail passing the two chambered cairn, a hilltop enclosure, a standing stone, some cairns, a prehistoric settlement and a broch.