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Taversoe Tuick

Taversoe Tuick image

An unusual two-storey tomb, with one chamber above the other. In effect, they are two separate tombs, each with its own entrance-passage and once with no access between the two (now there is a ladder).
The upper chamber (in the photo) measures 4.7m x 1.9m and consists of two unequal compartments. The small recess visible at the centre is a third, unusual miniature 'tomb'.
From the hole visible in the floor it is now possible to descend into the lower chamber, but once there was no access between the two. That chamber measures 3.7m x 1.4m and is divided in four compartments.
The upper chamber is at ground level, the lower is subterranean. This is the only one well preserved two-storey tomb in Orkney (the other known one, Huntersquoy on Eday island, being in a ruinous state).
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