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Period : Late 1st millennium BC Bibliography
Dun an Sticir
(Dùn an Sticer)

Dun an Sticir image

This circular and galleried fort was built on a islet in Loch an Sticir, North Uist (Uibhist a Tuath). There are two causeways connecting it to another islet, Eilean na Mi-chomhairle, and from there to the north shore of the loch.
The remains of the fort are 3.6m high and about 18m in diameter. Its entrance faces the causeway and there are traces of a guard-cell and a gallery within the 3.5m thick wall.
There is a Medieval house built inside the fort. Tradition says that around 1600 Hugh MacDonald, who failed to overthrow his cousin Donald Gorm as 8th clan chief, hid there for a year. Then he was captured and left to die horribly in the dungeon at Duntulm Castle in Skye with a plate of salt beef and an empty jug.