Region : Grampian Home
District : Kincardine & Deeside Map
Town or village : Stonehaven List
Grid Reference : NO 832 906 Glossary
Period :   3rd-2nd millennium BC Bibliography

Raedykes image

Four ring-cairns along the crest of Campstone Hill, north-west of Stonehaven (Kincardine and Deeside).
The most southerly of them (in the photo) is 9.4m in diameter, with a kerbed central area and an outer stone circle of eight surviving uprights, 17m in diameter.
Hidden in gorse bushes a few metres to the west-north-west, are two other, slightly smaller ring-cairns.
The last structure stands in higher position, some 80m north-west from the first one. It consists of a ring-cairn 10.2m in diameter and in an outer stone circle, 13.9m in diameter, with five surviving uprights.