Region : Grampian Home
District : Gordon Map
Town or village : Echt List
Grid Reference : NJ 699 064 Glossary
Period : 3rd millennium BC Bibliography
Midmar Kirk

Midmar Kirk image

This impressive recumbent stone circle, 17.3m in diameter, lies in Midmar churchyard, behind the 18th century church.
The site comprises five standing stones, a 20-ton recumbent and its two 2.5m high flankers, carefully shaped in order to fit better against the prostrate stone. The recumbent is a huge block 4.5m in length.
There was an internal cairn, removed in 1914.
In the wood to the north, not far from the church, there is the Balblair standing stone, a leaning pillar of reddish granite, 2.6m high.