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Town or village : Lochbuie List
Grid Reference : NM 617 251 Glossary
Period : 2nd millennium BC Bibliography
(Loch Buie)

Lochbuie image

This perfect circle is 12.3m in diameter. Originally it consisted of nine granite pillars: eight are still in situ and a missing one was replaced in recent times by a small rounded boulder (on the right of the photo).
The circle's tallest upright is 2m high. There are four outlying stones at various distances from the ring. The tallest one (in the background of the photo), 38m south-west of the stone circle, is 3m high.
Another outlier lies only 4.6m south-east of the circle: it is a pointed granite block only 0.85 m high. The two other outlying stones lie further away 107m south-west and 360m north-north-west.