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District : Moray Map
Town or village : Bridge of Avon List
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Period : 3rd millennium BC Bibliography
Lagmore West
(Upper Lagmore)

Lagmore West image

This Clava-type cairn is situated high above the confluence of the Spey and the Avon (Moray, Grampian). Four stones of the external circle are still standing, enclosing a cairn 12m in diameter, retained by a kerb of stones.
At the centre there are traces of a chamber, 3.3m in diameter. A lintelled passage to the south linked the chamber to the circle through an entrance, formed by two stones which project from the kerb.
To the east of the site, down in the valley, there is another, much more ruined, Clava-type cairn known as Lagmore East or Lower Lagmore.