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Period : 3rd cent. BC-9th cent. AD Bibliography

Gurness image

A remarkable broch and the surrounding remains of an Iron Age village, situated on the Aikerness peninsula on the north coast of Mainland (Orkney).
The broch and the village are surrounded by three ramparts with quarry ditches.
On the east is the long entrance way (in the photo).
The broch had originally a single central hearth, a well and some stone-built cupboards against the wall. After the partial collapse of the tower, the interior was re-arranged with new stone partitions.
Between the broch and the innermost rampart there are several houses. Many artefacts, mostly pottery and bone and stone tools, were found in the village.
One of the best preserved building of the site, called the 'shamrock' for its four-lobed plan, was rebuilt near the little site museum. It dates from the time of the Picts.
The grave of a Viking woman was found outside the entrance way. Her oval brooches and iron necklet can be seen in Tankerness House Museum in Kirkwall.
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