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Glenquicken image

On remote moorland, this beautiful ring of 28 low boulders set close together is almost complete: only one boulder seems to be missing to the south-west. The central standing stone, 1.6m high, is a huge granite pillar weighing over 4 tons. The stone circle is 15.5m in diameter.
The stones are erected with their broad faces on the line of the circumference. The three tallest boulders (up to 0.9m high) are to the SSE (on the left of the photo).
Aubrey Burl writes in his A Guide to the Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany: "Around 1809 when a adjacent cairn was levelled, workmen discovered a cist beneath it containing the skeleton of a man 'of uncommon size'. One arm had been almost severed by an axe of green stone, 'a species of stone never found in this part of Scotland' and perhaps from a Land's End 'factory' in Cornwall or, more probably, from the Scottish Highlands. A fragment was embedded in the bone".