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District : Kincardine & Deeside Map
Town or village : Torphins List
Grid Reference : NO 648 996 Glossary
Period :   2nd millennium BC  Bibliography

Glassel image

On a level platform with a steep drop to the Canny Burn (Kincardine and Deeside) lies this small setting of five red granite stones, 2.8m x 5.5m in diameter. The stones are graded in height from 0.84m to 0.99m, with the tallest to the south-west.
To the north lies a prostrate slab of sandstone and 3m to the south there is a small diorite outlier.
The site was excavated in the mid 19th century and in 1904. Glassel is probably a transition between recumbent stone circles and four-posters.