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Period :   2nd-3rd millennium BC Bibliography
Nine Stanes
(Garrol Wood, Mulloch Wood)

Nine Stanes image

This oval recumbent stone circle, 17.5m x 14.5m in diameter, is now situated in a clearing in a conifer plantation.
Six red granite uprights and a stump survive out of original eight stones, along with a grey 16-ton recumbent with its two flankers (the east one is fallen). The name 'Nine Stanes' was given for the surviving stones, recumbent excluded.
The stones have been apparently graded in height on the east arc but not on the west. A possible outlier lies 25m north-east. There may have been another one, 23m to the south-south-east.
In ancient times, the site was possibly chosen for its broad views of the southern sky, in order to observe the major southern moonrise. A central ring-cairn was added later. The site was excavated in 1904 and a pit which contained charcoal and cremated bone was found at the centre. An other four deposits of cremated bone and one of charcoal mixed with pottery were also found around the pit.
A few hundred metres to the north-west and to the north there are two other stone circles, Eslie the Greater and Eslie the Lesser.