Region : Grampian Home
District : Gordon Map
Town or village : Echt List
Grid Reference : NJ 785 042 Glossary
Period : 2nd millennium BC Bibliography

Cullerlie image

Eight red granite boulders graded in height to the north enclose an area 10.2m in diameter. The site was levelled and the area inside the circle burnt before the erection of the stones.
The boulders' bases had also been shaped into points to give them more stability in the soil. Inside the circle there are eight small kerbed cairns. The central one is the largest (3.4m in diameter) and has a double kerb.
All kerbs but one comprise eleven stones (the exception has only nine). In seven of the cairns cremated human remains were found, while in the eighth the cremated bones and charcoal of oak and hazel were situated in a pit sealed by a capstone.
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