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District : Inverness Map
Town or village : Urquhart List
Grid Reference : NH 383 303 Glossary
Period : Late 3rd millennium BC Bibliography

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This well preserved example of Clava-type chambered cairn is surrounded by a circle of 11 standing stones (four of them are probable later additions). The cairn is oval in shape and retained by a kerb of boulders.
The entrance passage to the central chamber is 7m long and partially roofed. The chamber is 3.6m in diameter.
On top of the cairn lies a large slab bearing several cupmarks. It weighs about two tons and it may originally have been the final capstone over the chamber roof.
During excavation in 1952, a floor of sand and a slab-paved area at the centre were found in the chamber, along with a crouched inhumation burial and an eroded bone pin.
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