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Grid Reference : NC 870 013 Glossary
Period : Late 1st millennium BC Bibliography
Carn Liath

Carn Liath image

A very nice example of broch, not far from the sea on the east coast of Sutherland. It survives to the first-floor level and it is surrounded by a stone wall within which there are traces of some contemporary and later houses.
The approach to the broch is through a long stone-walled passage, lintelled and provided with checks for a wooden door. Beyond the entrance there is a second passage, also provided with door-checks and a bar-hole. There is a blocked door to a guardian cell on the north side of this inner passageway.
A doorway opposite the entrance gives access to a stair to the upper levels.
In the broch floor there are two stone-lined chambers, now filled for safety reasons, which were probably used as storage cellars.
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