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Cairnholy II
(Cairn Holy II)

Cairnholy II image

This Clyde-type chambered cairn measures about 21m x 12m and is less elaborate than the nearby Cairnholy I tomb.
There is no evidence of a façade, but the entrance is flanked by an impressive 2.9m tall portal stone and its broken twin. In front of the entrance there is a closing stone, now prostrate.
The bipartite chamber survives almost intact. It consists of slab-sided inner and outer compartments, the inner still retaining its large capstone, as seen in the photo.
Excavation in 1949 by S. Piggott and T.G.E. Powell revealed a leaf-shaped arrowhead, a flint knife and Beaker pottery. The finds are now in the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland in Edinburgh.
The site is said to be the grave of the mythical Scottish king Caldus (Galdus or Gauldus).
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