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Grid Reference : NR 838 910 Glossary
Period : 3rd-2nd millennium BC Bibliography

Cairnbaan image

Two groups of decorated rock outcrops on high ground north of Cairnbaan. They are decorated with a profusion of cupmarks, cup-and-ring markings and several lengths of grooving.
The photo shows the westernmost rock-sheet of the site. The most distinctive decoration of this rock-sheet is a series of conjoined multiple-ringed cups. Another unusual mark is a broad cup surrounded by a single ring which is linked to the cup by a series of rays.
On the largest rock-sheet of the other group of decorated outcrops, 100m to the east, there are at least 60 plain cupmarks, some cup-and-ring markings and long gutters that run from seven of the cups at the south end of the rock.
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