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Na Clachan Bhreige

Na Clachan Bhreige image

The three standing slabs of the stone circle, guarded by a Highland cow. They are of white quartzose sandstone and 1.5m, 1.8m and 2m in height (in the photo, the highest is the leaning, central one).
A fourth prostrate stone lies to the south. It is a pillar of red grit, 3.5m in length and only 50cm in breadth. The stone circle, probably a four-poster one, is small in size (less than 7m in diameter).
During excavations in 1860, a black polished stone resembling a small pestle was dug up from within the circle.
The name Na Clachan Bhreige means 'The False Stones' (men turned to stones according to a local legend).