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Period : 1st mill. BC-1st mill. AD Bibliography
Dun Ardtreck

Dun Ardtreck image

This 'semi-broch' structure was built on a precipitous cliff on the south side of Loch Bracadale (Skye). It is D-shaped with the straight side formed by the cliff edge. The landward wall survives to a maximum height of about 2m.
The entrance has a raised threshold, door-checks and a guard cell on the right. Inside, there are two intramural galleries on both sides of the entrance. The enclosed area of the dun measures 10m x 13m.
The first occupation of the dun ended with its burning. During later re-occupation a house was built in its interior. There are also traces of an outer wall on the landward side.
The site was excavated in 1964-65.