John MacDonald - First Lord of the Isles

You are now going to travel far into the west, and deep into the past.

On the breeze, the traditional music of the harp can be heard. The bard entertains you, for you are John MacDonald of Islay.

Figure representing John MacDonald
Your Location

You are at the council island at Finlaggan on Islay.

It is 1330.

Your Mission

bullet pointShare the vision of your ancestor, the great Somerled, 'King' of the Isles and strengthen the Gaelic community in the Isles.

bullet pointDo whatever it takes to achieve virtual independence from any overlordship

bullet pointWork towards a peaceful society in the west

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image of playing cardsPlay your cards carefully. Try to be aware of everyone's motives.

The Lamont Harp
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A strong tradition of music in the Gaelic west. The Lamont Harp, c.1500.
Loch Finlaggan, Islay
Loch Finlaggan, Islay