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 Robert the Bruce - Planting Scotland's roots

You are about to become involved in one of the most important jobs in Scottish history. You are Robert the Bruce.

Your ambition is to plant the seeds of a new identity for the Scottish nation.

I hope you have green fingers!

Robert the Bruce
Your Location

It is 1306. You are currently sitting in a damp cave on an island, off the coast of Argyll. You are a man in hiding, in fear for your life.

Your Mission

bullet point Assert your status as the new King of Scots

bullet point Fight for your kingdom's independence

bullet point Get rid of any English control, once and for all

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image of playing cards If you play your cards right it is possible to succeed in all of these areas.

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King's Cave, Isle of Arran
Markings from the inside of the 'King’s Cave', the Isle of Arran.