These resource packs are learning support materials to complement and develop the stories in the web site. They can be accessed online or printed as pdfs for use in the classroom or at home. Each pack can also be accessed at the end of the missions as a ‘final test’ to summarise themes covered.

Resource packs contain a series of questions or activities covering 3 areas: Finding Facts, Looking at Evidence and Interpretation. These aim to:

- assess factual knowledge or prompt investigation into a particular area
- provide the stimulus to develop a critical consideration of evidence
- encourage and develop a subjective response to people and evidence in history

Some questions in the packs require further study:

- follow the lives of the characters in their missions
- carry out independent research by following the relevant links
- visit the SCRAN website
- explore the CD-ROM People of a Kingdom: The Scottish People 800-1450, The Multimedia Team, NMS, 2002, available from Learning and Teaching Scotland

Each resource pack includes an answers page. The Looking at Evidence and Interpretation sections include only rough guidelines to encourage further consideration of evidence and unlimited responses.

To view the pdf files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download free from


King David I of Scotland
William Wallace
Robert the Bruce
King James I of Scotland
Queen Margaret
Trade and the burghs
King James II of Scotland
Mac Alpin
Somerled: ‘King’ of the Isles
MacDonald: Lord of the Isles
Erik Bloodaxe
Earl Thorfinn
King Haakon IV of Norway

resource packs