Mac Alpin - The gathering of the tribes
intro and mission

You must move quickly now, as the Vikings are gathering in strength and power. They are sending word back to their homelands for more back up.

The Picts in the east are also threatened by the Vikings and have suffered from attacks. They are good warriors, but the Vikings are a formidable force.

You have a relatively good relationship with the Picts – or ‘painted ones’ as the Romans called them.

The Pictish centre of power is in Forteviot, Perthshire. They hold a large area of land, stretching from the River Forth to the far north.

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Edderton Cross
Edderton Cross
Example of a Pictish cross slab in the north of Scotland. Edderton Church, Ross-shire.
Detail of a horseman from a Pictish cross slab at Edderton Church, Ross-shire.