scenario 4
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James 1 - The 'law giver' king

Revenge is sweet

You instantly imprison Murdoch and all his followers. You've been waiting for this moment for many years.

Portrait of James I
intro and mission

Taking the law into your own hands

Now you are King, you increase taxes on land and on exported and imported goods. You introduce new, more formal laws that prosecute the guilty and protect the innocent. The guilty are all those who disrespect your rule.

Migrating from the south

You have returned to Scotland but miss the English courtly life you have grown accustomed to. You get in touch with Henry V of England and request he send a substantial group of English nobles to join you. Gradually the 'civilised' court will engulf existing Scottish nobility.

You have a lot to do now you are King. What should you do first?

Which card will you play?

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