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 Robert the Bruce - Planting Scotland's roots
intro and mission

You have done well in influencing your people to fight for you. You have realised the power of Scottish national pride.

You revel in your victory at Bannockburn, but you cannot stop now. There is still plenty to do in planting Scotland's roots.

Consider you predecessor – Alexander III. He recognised the conflict of Gaelic and Anglo-Norman cultures in his kingdom. To attempt to unify them, he drew upon the strength of Scotland's Gaelic heritage.

In an attempt to mythologise his own rule with the birth of Scotland, Alexander III had his bloodlines recited back to Scota.

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the facts
Description of Alexander III's inauguration, from John of Fordun's Chronicle of the Scottish Nation, 1380s
Example of Gaelic symbolism in Alexander III's inauguration. The ‘Stone of Scone’ or ‘Stone of Destiny’, ancient ceremonial stone of the kings of Scots.
Stone of Destiny