Red Clydeside: A history of the labour movement in Glasgow 1910-1932

Key political figures of the Red Clydeside period

Emanuel Shinwell

Although born and bred in London, Emanuel Shinwell was an active participant in the political life of Glasgow during the Red Clydeside period. He was chairman of Glasgow Trades Council between 1916-1919, and was also on the executive committee of the Clyde Workers' Committee during the 40 hours strike in 1919. Following the events of Bloody Friday in 1919, Shinwell was arrested and imprisoned for three months. He was elected to parliament in 1922 as Labour MP for Linthlithgow, and served as parliamentary secretary for the Department of Mines in the first Labour government of 1922. After the second world war he served as Secretary of State for War and Minister of Defence, and from 1964 to 1967 was chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party. He was created Baron Shinwell in 1970 and died aged 101 in 1984.

image thumbnail Election address of Emanuel Shinwell, Labour candidate for Govan in Municipal elections of 1919.
Combined election address of three Labour candidates for the Govan Fairfield ward in the Glasgow municipal elections of 1920: Emanuel Shinwell, Tom Kerr and Mary Barbour. image thumbnail
image thumbnail Letter issued by lawyer of Emanuel Shinwell to defence witnesses in the 40 hours strike trial of 1919. The letter advises defence witnesses to make themselves available to prosecution lawyers for questioning.
Plan of George Square used by defence lawyers in the trial of the 40 hours strike leaders in April 1919. The plan was used in an attempt to show the jury that the riot which took place was caused by the police and not the strike leaders. image thumbnail
image thumbnail Election manifesto of Emmanuel Shinwell, Labour candidate in the County of Linlithgow in the General Election of 1924.
Three page typescript petition addressed to Sir. Robert Munro, Secretary of State for Scotland requesting release CWC leaders arrested on 'Bloody Friday'. image thumbnail
image thumbnail Original warrant summons issued to Maxton, Shinwell, Maclean and other speakers following anti-conscription demonstration in Glasgow.