Red Clydeside: A history of the labour movement in Glasgow 1910-1932

Key political figures of the Red Clydeside period

David Kirkwood

David Kirkwood was one of the leaders of the Clyde Workers' Committee (CWC) and was arrested during the riot in George Square on 31 January 1919, which became known as Bloody Friday. Kirkwood was found not guilty while William Gallacher and Emanuel Shinwell were each sentenced to five months imprisonment. Kirkwood was later elected as a Labour MP and became Lord Kirkwood in the 1940s.

image thumbnail Photograph of David Kirkwood being detained by police in the aftermath of the Battle of George Square on 31 January 1919 (Bloody Friday), with fellow CWC leader William Gallagher in the background.
Cover of booklet entitled 'The Means Test Scandal' by David Kirkwood MP, in which the author condemns the British government for introducing the means test. image thumbnail
image thumbnail Clyde Workers' Committee leader David Kirkwood lying on the ground after being batoned by police during the events of Bloody Friday - 31 January 1919.
Letter written by Davie Kirkwood, CWC shop steward at Beardmores, to Town Clerk of Glasgow suggesting a remedy for the shortage of working class housing in munitions districts. Published in Forward dated 9 October 1915. image thumbnail
image thumbnail Article entitled 'Banished'. Published in Forward dated 1 April 1916.
Article entitled 'The trouble on the Clyde'. Published in Forward dated 8 April 1916. image thumbnail
image thumbnail Photograph of David Kirkwood's arrest during 'Bloody Friday' with Willie Gallacher in the background with bandaged head.