Red Clydeside: A history of the labour movement in Glasgow 1910-1932

Key political figures of the Red Clydeside period

Arthur MacManus

Arthur MacManus was one of the leaders of the Clyde Workers' Committee during the first world war and was one of those deported to Edinburgh in 1916 following the dispute at Beardmores engineering works. Arthur MacManus was originally a member of the Socialist Labour Party and a vociferous anti-conscription and anti-war agitator throughout the 1914-1918 period. He was instrumental in the formation of the CPGB in 1920 and was its first president, as well as being a member of the executive committee of the Third International.

image thumbnail Postcard showing the 12 Communist Party officials put on trial for seditious libel and incitement to mutiny in 1925. Published by the International Class War Prisoners' Aid.
Portrait photograph of Arthur McManus, leader of the Clyde Workers' Committee and first chairmain of the Communist Party of Great Britain. image thumbnail
image thumbnail Article entitled 'Banished'. Published in Forward dated 1 April 1916.
Original warrant summons issued to Maxton, Shinwell, Maclean and other speakers following anti-conscription demonstration in Glasgow. image thumbnail