Red Clydeside: A history of the labour movement in Glasgow 1910-1932

List of all Red Clydeside digital images

Booklet cover: Bombs or Brains? Dynamite or Organisation?, by John S. Clarke 1920
Booklet cover: Can Labour Govern?, by William Gallacher 1924
Booklet cover: Communist Parliamentary Policy & Electoral Programme, by Communist Party of Great Britain 1922
Booklet cover: Direct Action, by William Gallacher 1919
Booklet cover: Direct Action: An Outline of Workshop and Social Organisation, by William Gallacher Dec 1919
Booklet cover: Fascism: it's history and significance, by Plebs League 1924
Booklet cover: Guy Aldred - communism and religion, by Guy Aldred 1912
Booklet cover: Handbook for Party Members: No.1- Organisation, by Communist Party of Great Britain 1923
Booklet cover: Handbook on Local Organisation, by Communist Party of Great Britain 1927
Booklet cover: Homes or Hutches?, by John Wheatley 24 Apr 1923
Booklet cover: Housing of the Labouring Classes, by Peter Fyfe 1899
Booklet cover: Is Drink the Cause of Poverty?, by J. O'Connor Kessack 1907
Booklet cover: Jail Jottings, by Richard Carlile 1913
Booklet cover: Karl Marx and Modern Socialism, by Eden Paul 1911
Booklet cover: March against the starvation government, by Wal Hannington Sep 1928
Booklet cover: Militarism, by J. Bruce Glasier 1915
Booklet cover: Militarism and Anti-militarism, by Karl Liebknecht 1918
Booklet cover: Sack Dalrymple, Sack Stevenson, by John Maclean 31 Jan 1919
Booklet cover: Socialism or freedom?, by Conservative and Unionist Party 1906
Booklet cover: Socialism: what it is and what it means, by R. Wells 1906
Booklet cover: The Capitalist Wilderness and the Way Out, by J. O'Connor Kessack 1907
Booklet cover: The Catholic Workingman, by John Wheatley 1909
Booklet cover: The Clyde Rent War, by Patrick Dollan 1925
Booklet cover: The Collapse of the Second International, by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin 1918
Booklet cover: The Communist Party and the Labour Government, by Communist Party of Great Britain 1924
Booklet cover: The Communist Party on Trial, by William Gallacher 1926
Booklet cover: The Means Test Scandal - A Scathing Exposure, by David Kirkwood 1929-1933
Booklet cover: The Peril of Conscription, by J. Bruce Glasier 1915
Booklet cover: The Proletarian Catechism, by Tom Anderson 18 Mar 1933
Booklet cover: The Red Army: Revolutionary Poems, by John S. Clarke Mar 1919
Booklet cover: The Red Dawn, by Albert Young 1915
Booklet cover: The Reds and the General Strike, by Communist Party of Great Britain 1926
Booklet cover: The Soviets at work, by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin 1919
Booklet cover: The war to end war, by Union of Democratic Control July 1917
Booklet cover: The Young Worker's Book of Rebels, by John S. Clarke Nov 1918
Booklet cover: War or Revolution, by Leon Trotsky 1918
Booklet cover: What is the United Front?, by Communist Party of Great Britain 1922
Booklet cover: What the minority movement stands for, by Communist Party of Great Britain 1924
Booklet cover: What the People Sleep Upon, by Peter Fyfe 1904
Booklet cover: Why are we marching?, by Wal Hannington 1932
Booklet cover: Willie Gallacher's story, by William Gallacher 1919
Bulletin published during the General Strike by the STUC entitled 'General Strike Daily Bulletin No.2' May 1926
Cartoon comparing aristocratic consumption with workers poverty 1909
Cartoon comparing the fate of politicians and working men 1909
Cartoon depicting a greedy landlord 1909
Cartoon depicting capitalists and landlords versus workers 1909
Cartoon depicting eviction of soldier's family 5 June 1915
Cartoon depicting twin evils of landlordism and capitalism 1909
Cartoon entitled 'Business: better than usual' 23 Jan 1915
Cartoon entitled 'Death and the profit = ghouls' 8 Aug 1914
Cartoon entitled 'Enlist!' 5 Dec 1914
Cartoon entitled 'Forward turns the spotlight on the robbers' 24 July 1915
Cartoon entitled 'Solving the Irish question' 1909
Cartoon entitled 'The great delusion' 25 Feb 1915
Cartoon entitled 'The Labour Party rescues the unemployed' 1922
Cartoon entitled 'The Patriot' 5 Sep 1914
Certificate issued to ILP founding members at 35th anniversary conference 1927
Certificate of James Maxton's exemption from military service on grounds of conscientious objection March 1916
Contract agreement between Ministry of Munitions and Beardmores for the construction of shells 29 Mar 1916
Diagram from syndicalist booklet 'Industrial Unionism' 1920s
Diagram of George Square used by defence lawyers in trial of Emanuel Shinwell Apr 1919
Diagram of plans for working class housing in Glasgow 1899
Government publication entitled 'Munitions of War Act' 1915
Government publication entitled 'Rules for constituting and regulating Munitions Tribunals' 1914-1918
Greetings card sent by Tom Anderson at new year 1 Jan 1923
Election address of Agnes Dollan, Labour candidate for Springburn 13 Dec 1921
Election address of Emanuel Shinwell, Labour candidate for Govan Fairfield ward 4 Nov 1919
Election address of Helen Crawfurd, Communist candidate for Govan ward 1 Nov 1921
Election address of James Maxton, Labour candidate for Bridgeton Oct 1924
Election address of John Maclean, Glasgow Unemployed Group candidate for Kinning Park ward 12 Oct 1921
Election address of John Wheatley, Labour candidate for Shettleston Oct 1924
Election address of three Labour candidates for Govan Fairfield ward 1920
Election manifesto of Emmanuel Shinwell 1924
Election manifesto of James Maxton Dec 1918
Election manifesto of James Maxton 15 Nov 1922
Election manifesto of John McGovern 6 Nov 1928
Leaflet entitled 'Concentration camps for the workers' 1934
Leaflet entitled 'Educated women as war workers: a practical scheme' 20 Sep 1915
Leaflet entitled 'Manifesto of The Reconstruction Society' 1919
Leaflet entitled 'National strike aftermath - To the citizens of Glasgow' Sep 1927
Leaflet entitled 'Printing Trades Joint Committee: General Strike Aftermath' May 1926
Leaflet entitled 'Proletarian schools - poisoning the minds of children' 1920
Leaflet entitled 'Socialism exposed!' 1914
Leaflet entitled 'Stand solid and win' May 1926
Leaflet entitled 'The Rent Fight: past and present' 1920
Leaflet entitled 'The Scottish Hunger March - To the workers of Scotland' 11 June 1928
Leaflet entitled 'To the trade unionists of Scotland' May 1926
Leaflet entitled 'Twenty-one reasons why the new woman voter should vote unionist' 1918
Leaflet entitled 'Weekend munitions work for educated women' 1915
Leaflet entitled 'What socialism really means' 1906
Leaflet entitled 'When the socialist millennium arrives' 1906
Lecture notes of John Maclean for Scottish Labour College class on economics 1916
Manifesto of Joint Strike Committee, Glasgow Feb 1919
Manifesto of Scottish Workers Republican Party 1925
Letter from a loyal workman to the manager of Fairfields shipyard 14 Jan 1916
Letter from a soldier's wife to Forward newspaper about evictions of servicemen's dependents 4 Dec 1915
Letter from Davie Kirkwood to editor of Forward 9 Oct 1915
Letter from lawyer of Emanuel Shinwell to defence witnesses in the 40 hours strike trial 31 Jan 1919
Letter from Lord Edmund Talbot MP and Capt F.E. Guest MP to Lord Weir 19 Aug 1919
Letter from Maxim Litvinoff to John Maclean appointing him as Bolshevik Consul for Scotland 5 Jan 1918
Letter from Maxton to fiance, Sissie McCallum 18 April 1916
Letter from Sir William Weir to Sir Robert Home 14 Aug 1919
Letter from The Reconstruction Society to Lord Weir 12 Sep 1919
Letter written by John Maclean and published in Forward newspaper 18 May 1915
Letter written by John Maclean and published in Forward newspaper 26 Sep 1914
Letter written by soldier to the editor of Forward highlighting landlord evictions of servicemen's dependents in Glasgow. 29 May 1915
Magazine article entitled ' Weirie Weir' by Willie Gallacher 13 May 1926
Magazine article entitled 'The Clyde Rent War' Dec 1924
Magazine article entitled 'The Jazz Period' by Helen Crawfurd Oct 1921
Magazine cover: A Glasgow contingent of Italian Fascisti parading at an Armistice day march Dec 1924
Magazine cover: The Commune May 1924
Magazine cover: The Red Dawn Feb 1920
Magazine cover: The Scottish Worker 10 May 1926
Magazine cover: The Strike Bulletin 1 Feb 1919
Magazine cover: The Worker 18 Mar 1922
Magazine cover: The Worker 29 Jan 1916
Memorandum concerning the employment and remuneration of women on munitions work 1915
Memorandum outlining Lord Weir's proposals for ending Clydeside industrial disputes 1915
Report on the Clydeside engineering dispute and the activities of the Clyde Workers' Committee Apr 1916
Newspaper article: Agitators on the Clyde who desire our defeat 16 Jan 1916
Newspaper article: Defence of the Realm Act 1915 20 Nov 1915
Newspaper article: Deportation of CWC leaders 1916 1 April 1916
Newspaper article: Eviction of a soldier's wife and family at Shettleston 12 June 1915
Newspaper article: Fifteen thousand Glasgow tenants on strike 30 Oct 1915
Newspaper article: Glasgow's peace demonstration boycotted by press 15 Aug 1914
Newspaper article: How the General Strike was ended 13 May 1926
Newspaper article: How to remedy the trouble on the Clyde 23 Jan 1916
Newspaper article: Instances of increased rents wanted 20 Feb 1915
Newspaper article: May Day greetings: stern fights and victory ahead May 1932
Newspaper article: More trouble brewing for the working class 13 Feb 1915
Newspaper article: Organisation that counteracts the strike evil 12 May 1926
Newspaper article: Scott for Kinning Park 6 Feb 1915
Newspaper article: Swindling the nation 26 June 1915
Newspaper article: The dilution of labour - Mr. Lloyd George in Glasgow 1 Jan 1916
Newspaper article: The Munitions of War Act 1915 14 Aug 1915
Newspaper article: The Parliamentary Labour Party joins PM Asquith's coalition Government in 1915 29 May 1915
Newspaper article: The Rent Strikes: what the commission may do 23 Oct 1915
Newspaper article: The Sedition Trials 8 April 1916
Newspaper article: The Shettleston eviction case 12 June 1915
Newspaper article: The Trouble on the Clyde 8 April 1916
Newspaper article: Why Lloyd George wants conscription 25 Dec 1915
Newspaper notice advertising Glasgow meeting of the United Suffragists 28 Oct 1915
Newspaper notice advertising Order of procession for May day demonstration in Glasgow 6 May 1916
Permit issued by TUC allowing courier freedom of movement during General Strike May 1926
Petition for the release of CWC leaders 31 Jan 1919
Photograph of Anti-conscription meeting on Glasgow Green 1916
Photograph of Arthur McManus, first chairman of the Communist Party of Great Britain 1914-1919
Photograph of Bust of James Maxton 12 May 1926
Photograph of Communist Party members selling 'The Communist' magazine in Glasgow 1920-1923
Photograph of David Kirkwood being detained by police in George Square during 'Bloody Friday' 31 Jan 1919
Photograph of David Kirkwood on the ground after being struck by police batons 31 Jan 1919
Photograph of Delegates at the 2nd congress of the Third International in Moscow 1920
Photograph of Female dilutees working at milling machine in Glasgow armaments factory 1915-1918
Photograph of Female munitions workers in Glasgow 1915-1918
Photograph of Glasgow Anarchist Group meeting 1 Jan 1915
Photograph of Glasgow's leading law officers inspect the scene in George Square following the riot 31 Jan 1919
Photograph of Gun leaving Beardmore munitions factory in Parkhead, Glasgow 1915
Photograph of Guy Aldred taken during his first visit to Glasgow 1912
Photograph of Harry McShane(centre) with John McGovern (right) preparing for unemployment march from Glasgow 1930-1935
Photograph of Helen Crawfurd 1925
Photograph of Helen Crawfurd and delegates of the British Co-op Movement pictured with the Krupshaya, Lenin's widow 1927
Photograph of Helen Crawfurd helping in the distribution of food for children of striking miners at Lochore in Fife 1926
Photograph of Helen Crawfurd pictured with children in Berlin 1922
Photograph of Helen Crawfurd, pictured with the Methill branch of the Womens Communist Party 1925
Photograph of ILP delegates, Edinburgh conference 1924
Photograph of James Maxton and David Kirkwood pictured with attendees at ILP summer school 1929-31
Photograph of James Maxton meeting with John Maclean 1914-1916
Photograph of James Maxton with John Taylor, Fenner Brockway and John McNair 1934-1936
Photograph of John Maclean at his trial in Edinburgh May 1918
Photograph of John Maclean's casket being removed from his Pollokshaws home Nov 1923
Photograph of Kirkwood and Gallacher arrested during 'Bloody Friday' 31 Jan 1919
Photograph of Mary Barbour, rent strike activist and Glasgow City Councillor 1920s
Photograph of Maryhill branch of National Unemployed Workers Movement flute band 1920s
Photograph of Scene in George Square on Bloody Friday after police baton charge 31 Jan 1919
Photograph of Sir William Beardmore 1920s
Photograph of Skilled engineering workers at the Cowlairs Locomotive workshop in Springburn 1916
Photograph of Soldiers guarding entrance to Princes Docks, Glasgow in the days following 'Bloody Friday' Feb 1919
Photograph of Tanks and soldiers in Saltmarket area of Glasgow in the days following 'Bloody Friday' Feb 1919
Photograph of Tom Bell, pioneer of the socialist movement on Clydeside 1914-1919
Photograph of William Gallacher - CPGB Parliamentarian 1929-31
Photograph of William Gallacher and fellow workers at Albion Motor Company 1911
Photograph of William Gallacher and friends 1908
Photograph of William Gallacher as a young boy at St.Mirren Primary school in Paisley 1890-1893
Photograph of William Gallacher in America 1913
Photograph of William Gallacher, leader of the Clyde Workers' Committee 1919
Photograph of William Gallacher's funeral procession 1965
Photograph of Women delegates to Scottish Trade Unions Congress in Dundee. 1911
Postcard entitled 'Vote for Maxton and save the children' 15 Nov 1922
Postcard of 12 defendants in trial of Communist Party officials Nov 1925
Postcards depicting prison conditions of first world war consciencious objectors 1917
Manifesto of The Socialist Commandments 1912
Poster commemorating centenary of the birth of John Maclean 1979
Poster commemorating the 70th anniversary of battle of George Square 31 Jan 1919
Poster displayed in windows during Glasgow rent strikes 1915
Poster issued by City of Glasgow banning meeting of workers' and soldiers' council 10 Aug 1917
Poster issued by the government during the General Strike entitled 'To all workers in all trades' May 1926
Programme and timetable of the Scottish Miners March to Edinburgh 11 June 1928
Report: General Strike report of the Associated Iron, Steel and Brass Dressers of Scotland May 1926
Report: General Strike report of the Glasgow branch of the Amalgamated Engineering Union May 1926
Report: Report by William Weir highlighting the obstruction caused by trade unionism to war-time efficiency 1916
Report: Report on the stay-in strike in the Gun Dept of Messrs Wm. Beardmore & Co Ltd, Dalmuir Dec 1915
Report: Summary of Government Dilution programme 20 Jan 1916
Proletarian song book June 1923
Table of donations to the Clyde Defence Fund 1919
Telegram from Albert Inkpin to John Maclean on his release from prison July 1917
Telegram from William Weir to Lloyd George concerning the Clydeside engineering dispute 27 Mar 1916
Telegram from William Weir to Lloyd George concerning the Clydeside engineering dispute 28 Mar 1916
Telegram from William Weir to Lloyd George concerning the Clydeside engineering dispute 24 Mar 1916
Warrant for arrest of James Maxton and James MacDougall on charges of sedition 29 Mar 1916
Warrant summons issued to Maxton, Shinwell, Maclean 12 Dec 1915