Red Clydeside: A history of the labour movement in Glasgow 1910-1932

Political parties and organisations of the Red Clydeside period

Glasgow City Council

image thumbnail Poster issued by the war cabinet banning meeting of workers' and soldiers' council in Glasgow in 1917, owing to fear amongst the authorities that these councils, as proved in Russia, were seen as the first step towards a workers' revolution.
Two diagrams showing plans for improving working class housing in Glasgow, taken from a booklet entitled 'Housing of the Labouring Classes' by Peter Fyfe, published in 1899. image thumbnail
image thumbnail Cover of booklet entitled 'What the People Sleep Upon' by Peter Fyfe, chief sanitary inspector of Glasgow. This famous paper highlighted the unhygenic condition of the bedding materials produced and manufactured for Glasgow's poor in the early 1900s.
Cover of booklet entitled 'Housing of the Labouring Classes' by Peter Fyfe. This booklet, published in 1899, condemned the unsanitary and unhealthy housing conditions in which the majority of Glasgow's labouring classes were forced to live at this time. image thumbnail