Red Clydeside: A history of the labour movement in Glasgow 1910-1932


The Trouble on the Clyde, 8 April 1916

image from Red Clydeside collection

The strike action which began on 17 March 1916 in support of the reinstatement of shop stewards privileges for David Kirkwood did not long survive the deportation of its leaders on 24 March.

On 29th March a total of thirty strikers were fined 5 each at a General Munitions Tribunal in Glasgow. On 31st March, at Glasgow Green, there was a large peaceful demonstration against the deportations and the refusal of the Committee on Productions to raise wages.

However the men were gradually drifting back to work and by 5th April only thirty-three men remained on strike. However even this level of support for a dwindling strike was deemed threatening and the Government ordered Thomas Clark, who had succeeded Kirkwood as CWC treasurer, to be deported at once and threatened the same to any striker who did not return to work the following day.

Source: Gallacher Memorial Library, Glasgow Caledonian University Special Collections and Archives