Red Clydeside: A history of the labour movement in Glasgow 1910-1932


Guy Aldred taken during his first visit to Glasgow, 1912

image from Red Clydeside collection

Guy Aldred was an anarchist and communist who believed that socialism was a fundamentally libertarian phenomenon. Although English by birth he moved to Glasgow in 1912 and established the Glasgow Anarchist Group, which in 1921 joined forces with the Glasgow Communist Group to form the Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation.

Politically, Aldred engaged in such diverse causes as that of Indian independence, the distribution of birth control literature, and anti-war and anti-conscription agitation during both world wars.

At various points between 1910 and his death in 1963, Guy Aldred edited five Glasgow based anarchist periodicals - The Herald of Revolt, The Spur, The Commune, The Council, and The Word.

Source: Guy Aldred Collection, Strathclyde University Special Collections