Red Clydeside: A history of the labour movement in Glasgow 1910-1932


The Clyde Rent War, 1925

by Patrick Dollan

image from Red Clydeside collection

P. J. Dollan was a prominent member of the Independent Labour Party (ILP) in Scotland who eventually became Lord Provost of Glasgow in the 1940s and received a knighthood in the 1950s.

Patrick Dollan made his political reputation in Glasgow in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s, firstly as ILP councillor and then as Labour Party leader of Glasgow District Council. Dollan's wife, Agnes Dollan, was one of the leaders of the 1915-16 rent strike who also became a prominent Labour politician within Glasgow.

The booklet was written during the depression of the 1920s when Glasgow was beginning to see a large increase in rent arrears. It is a brief history of the Glasgow rent strikes of 1915-1916 with proposals for housing reforms.

Source: Bissett Collection, Glasgow University Special Collections