Red Clydeside: A history of the labour movement in Glasgow 1910-1932


The Worker, 29 Jan 1916

Organ of the Clyde Workers' Committee

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Front page of 'The Worker', the weekly newspaper of the CWC, dated 29 January 1916. This is the front page of the first edition of the Worker published in 1916 following the government's suppression of both Forward and John Maclean's publication Vanguard.

The main article is written by William Gallagher, leader of the CWC, and clearly outlines the CWC's opposition to the introduction of the Munitions Act. The CWC would later become embroiled in the main anti-dilution strikes of March-April 1916 in Glasgow.

The second cover article entitled 'What about the miners? - a call to Robert Smillie' by Myner Collier (in all likelihood an alias to protect the author from employer victimisation) details Scottish miners' opposition to Military Services Act.