Red Clydeside: A history of the labour movement in Glasgow 1910-1932


The Strike Bulletin, 1 Feb 1919

Organ of the 40 Hours Movement

image from Red Clydeside collection

Front page of 'The Strike Bulletin', the official publication of the 40 Hours Movement dated 1 Feb 1919. This issue was published in the immediate aftermath of Bloody Friday and reports the events leading to the riots in George Square.

Headline reads "Glasgow's Bloody Friday - Brutal attack on defenceless strikers". The report deals with the police attack on strikers and the role played by Strike Committee members Shinwell, Kirkwood and Gallacher in attempting to quell the riot.

Three of the Clyde Workers' Committee strike leaders, Emanuel Shinwell, William Gallacher and David Kirkwood, were arrested on Bloody Friday and would be charged with inciting the crowd to violence. Gallacher and Shinwell were found guilty and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment.

Source: Gallacher Memorial Library, Glasgow Caledonian University Special Collections and Archives