Red Clydeside: A history of the labour movement in Glasgow 1910-1932


Election address of James Maxton, Labour candidate for Bridgeton, Oct 1924

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Election address of James Maxton, contesting the parliamentary constituency of Bridgeton in Glasgow in 1924. Maxton had previously won this seat in 1922 and would retain this seat until his death in 1946.

James Maxton was one of the commanding figures of the Independent Labour Party in Glasgow and a key political figure during the period of Red Clydeside. Like many of his colleagues in the ILP, Maxton was a pacifist and campaigned against Britain's involvement in the first world war and against the introduction of conscription. Maxton was imprisoned by the authorities in 1916 for delivering pro-strike speeches at a demonstration to oppose the Munitions Act.

Maxton was elected MP for Bridgeton in 1922 and devoted much of his political life to alleviating poverty within the city of Glasgow.