Red Clydeside: A history of the labour movement in Glasgow 1910-1932


January 2003

Links to the following essays are provided for those who wish to pursue their interest in the events and people that shaped the history of labour politics on Clydeside and in Scotland. Every effort has been made to select essays which are intellectually stimulating and bring a measure of historical and political balance to the debate surrounding the nature of Red Clydeside. The views contained within these essays are not necessarily those of the GDL.

Anarchist Communism in Britain
Anarchist Communism in Britain
Armstrong, Alan
All Hail, the Scottish Workers' Republic!
Bagon, Paul
Anglo-Jewry and the International Brigades: A Question of Motivation
Botsford, David
British Fascism and the measures taken against it by the British State
Breitenbach, Esther and Gordon, Eleanor
The Glasgow Rent Strike of 1915
Clark, Jim
Glasgow 1919: A city in revolt
International Socialist, 2 Spring 1999
Clark, Ross (ed)
Clydeside: An examination of working class politics and activity in Lanarkshire, 1910-1922
Scottish Labour History Society
Conscientious Objection: a brief introduction
Conscientious Objection: a brief introduction
Coupland, Phillip
'Left-wing Fascism' in theory and practice: The case of the British Union of Fascists
Cox, Judy
Skinning a live tiger paw by paw: reform, revolution and Labour
Hill, Simon
The Rise of Labour Politics
Hope, John
Fascism, the Security Service and the Curious Careers of Maxwell Knight and James McGuirk Hughes
Jones, R.F.
Anti-parliamentarism and Communism in Britain, 1917-1921
Subversion, February 2001
MacDiarmid, Hugh
A Sprig of White Heather in the Future's Lapel
CPS Bulletin No.85, Nov 2000
Manley, John
A British Communist MP in Canada: Willie Gallacher builds the popular front, 1936
Communist History Network Newsletter, Issue 6, October 1988
Martin, Nick
The General Strike 1926: Revolution Deferred?
Mends, Bernard
John Trevor: The Labour church and socialist Sunday schools
Mitchison, Phil
1919: A land fit for revolution
Socialist Appeal, Issue 70, June 1999
Mitchison, Phil
Britain 1926 General Strike: On the Verge of Revolution
O'Brien, Mark
Socialists and the origins of Labour
Orr, Judith
Nine days in May
Pitt, Bob
John Maclean and the Scottish Workers' Republic
What Next? Issue 6, 1997
Renton, Dave
The preconditions of labour solidarity: Red Clydeside before 1914
Reynolds, Steve
The Early Years of the Communist Party of Great Britain - 1922-1925
Reynolds, Steve
The founding of the British Communist Party
The Rise and Decline of British Bolshevism
The Rise and Decline of British Bolshevism
Palgrave Macmillan
Sagall, Sabby
Follow your leaders?
Socialist Review, February 1996
The SelfEd Collective
History of anarcho-syndicalsim: Anarcho-syndicalism in Britain 1914-1930
Sheridan, Tommy
John Maclean: Scotland's socialist champion
International Socialist, Issue 1, Winter 1998
Sherry, Dave
31st January 1919: Bloody Friday in George Square
Socialist Review, January 2000
Shipway, Mark
Anti-parliamentary Communism: The movement for workers councils in Britain, 1917-1945
Subversion, February 2001
Sramek, Joseph
A Party for Ordinary Blokes: The birth of Britain's Labour Party, 1900-1924
Stewart, Graeme
Does Glasgow in 1919 show Labour is right?
Socialist Worker, Issue 1633, No.13. Feb 1999
The Tactic of Affiliating the CPGB to the Labour Party
The Tactic of Affiliating the CPGB to the Labour Party
Tame, Chris R.
Guy Aldred (1886-1963): The socialist as libertarian
Libertarian Alliance, 1994
Tanner, John
The shaping of inter-war unemployed protests: The ex-servicemen's associations
Thomas, Martyn
The Blaina Riots 1935
Todd, Miles
National Government, Invergordon and the ILP
Twentieth century Scotland:
Shifting identities of nationhood
Upham, Martin
The History of British Trotskyism to 1949
Class war on the home front
Subversion, February 2001
Young, James D.
John Maclean, Socialism and the Easter Rising
The Scottish Workers Republic
Young, James D.
John Maclean Clydeside Socialist 1879-1923
The Scottish Workers Republic
70 Years of Struggle: Britain's Communist Party 1920-1990
70 Years of Struggle: Britain's Communist Party 1920-1990