Mary Queen of Scots


John Knox


When Mary was away in France, things were changing a lot in Scotland.

One of the main problems was religion. John Knox and his followers hated the Catholic Church. They set up a church of their own called the 'protestant' church. This is where we get the name 'Protestants' today.

Mary was a Catholic. When she was born, John Knox went to Europe to get away in case the Catholic Church became more powerful under Mary's rule. There, he was influenced by the ideas of a man called Calvin.

The people in Scotland who wanted to get rid of the Catholic Church asked John Knox to come back to Scotland, which he did. He then helped set up the Protestant Church in Scotland in 1560.

John Knox was either an awful man or a wonderful one depending on whether you were Catholic or Protestant. The Catholics hated him because he spoke out against them and their way of worship. The Protestants thought he was a hero because he was bringing change into the church.

Mary came back from France a year later. From then on, she had a difficult time with John Knox because of his sermons in the Church of St Giles. He often criticised her religion and spoke out against her.

Mary had many arguments with him about religion. She wanted to stay a Catholic and celebrate mass in private and she didn't mind if people chose to be Protestant. Knox was not happy with that. He was often in trouble with Mary after his sermons against her in church and they had many stormy meetings.

John Knox was a strict man. He disliked anything to do with fun. Mary had learned to dance in France and she enjoyed music, dancing and other entertainments. John Knox strongly disapproved of all this.

He argued with her many times but Mary was a strong woman and always held on to her own beliefs.




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