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A brief biography of Zoe.

Hi! my name is Zoe and I am 12 years old. I have two Russian Dwarf hamsters called Coco and Champion.
My favourite pop singer is Aaron Carter.
I support Rangers, and I like playing badminton and football.
My favourite TV programmes are Dawson's Creek, Sister Sister, Sweet Valley High, South Park, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Miami 7.
My favourite animals are bottle-nosed dolphins, killer whales, pandas and dogs.


A brief biography of Steven (Stevie).

My name is Steven (better known as Stevie) and I am 12 years old. My date of birth is 19th of July 1987.
My hobbies are drama, climbing, singing, computers, and keyboards and I used to go swimming.
However I am really into pop music and some of the bands and singers I like are:
The Vengaboys (pronounced as if it were 'Bengaboys'), Britney Spears, Billie, 5ive, Aqua, Cleopatra, Will Smith and Steps. (I could name loads more but I won't go into that in case my parents think I listen to too much!)
I like watching The Simpsons, Grange Hill, Byker Grove, South Park, Miami 7 and Sabrina The Teenage Witch. (I could name more but I won't go into that in case my parents think I watch too much!).
I also like reading Sabrina the Teenage Witch (I am collecting the series) and the Harry Potter books.


A brief biography of Richard.

My name is Richard and I am 12 years old. I have a brother called Alex and he is 10 years old.
My hobbies are sailing, climbing, swimming and judo.
I support Manchester United and Glasgow Rangers.
My favourite TV shows are South Park and Miami 7 featuring S Club7, which are my favourite pop band along with The Vengaboys, (pronounced 'Bengaboys').
I have two pets; a rabbit called Twitch and a dog called Bramble.


A Brief Biography of Stephanie.

Hi my name is Stephanie and I am 12 years old (my birthday is October 15th).
I have one brother called Jonathan (who is really annoying!!!)
I have a dog called Bruce and a cat called Daisy.
My hobbies are walking and sailing.
The books I like are by Lucy Daniels. The first one I read was called Kitten in the Kitchen.
My favourite pop bands are Steps, All Saints, S club 7 and the Vengaboys. (Pronounced as if it were 'Bengaboys')
I support Manchester United.
My favourite TV programmes are South Park and Neighbours.

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