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Sewer Gas Poisioning

'Mrs. Owler was becoming darker and darker in complexion, through inhaling daily the pestiferous atmosphere...'

In this broadsheet, the plight of an Englishwoman whose home was infiltrated by sewer gases is reported, including letters written about the incident and statements to court judges from George Owler, the woman's husband. There is also a map of the property, off Carmichael St. and its proximity to the main sewer drain.

'Horrible! Horrible! Horrible!' is the title of this article, the purpose of which is to publicise the wrong-doings of the Sanitary Inspector who is claimed to have slowly and vindictively poisoned the woman by connecting a trap from her bedroom to the main sewer. Cholera was a major killer during this period, and many people were justifiably scared of the unhealthy living conditions, and demanded reform.