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HOWFF Burial Ground - Register of Burials
September 1829 - May 1835

These pages of the HOWFF Burial Register detail burials in October 1832, the majority of causes of death being marked as 'Cholera'. Many of the deceased have no listed 'Designation' other than 'from Hospital'. Many of the victims were buried in a special area of ground reserved for cholera victims.

The HOWFF was ground gifted to Dundee in 1564 by Mary Queen of Scots for use as a burial ground. Registers of burials only exist from 1772, and the ground was closed in 1857. At first, very little information about the deceased was noted down, but from the 1820s onward, the entries become very detailed, including the street in which each person died, so indicating the extent of the epidemic's course through the town.



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The HOWFF Burial Register is situated in the Dundee City Archives.