John Murdoch Henderson (1902-1972)
The John Murdoch Henderson Music Collection
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The J. Murdoch Henderson Collection
Henderson's lifetime collection of music manuscripts, books and memorabilia.

When Boston scholar Francis J. Child compiled his collection of songs and music in the mid 1800s, described by many as the "the canon" of folk music, he found that no less than one third of his ballads originated in North East Scotland.
One of the largest folksong collections in the world, the Greig-Duncan Collection, consists of more than 3,000 songs found in Aberdeenshire at the beginning of the 20th century.
Little wonder then, that the young Henderson, a natural musician born in the heart of the land that Child found so fruitful and a stone's throw from the home of Gavin Greig, should develop such a deep interest in the music of his homeland.

  • Part I - -Collection Inventory - List of contents with links to selected music scores and sound
  • Part II --Flowers of Scottish Melody - Henderson's published collection of favourite tunes
  • Part III -The Principal Collectors of North East Music and Song
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