Collieston is bounded to the south by the Forvie National Nature Reserve.

  The Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) Forvie Stephenson Education Centre at Little Collieston  
The Stephenson Education Centre was opened in 1998 on the site of the former croft house and steading at Little Collieston. The old barn is situated to the left of the new buildings and houses. It has been renovated to house an exhibition and small audio visual theatre. The new building contains a further exhibition area, a classroom, SNH admin offices and associated facilities.

For further information on the work of Scottish Natural Heritage click the link.

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  Sand Dunes at Forvie  
Looking south across the dunes system on Forvie National Nature reserve towards the Ythan estuary. Home to a variety of wildlife including foxes and roe deer, the dune system at Forvie is one of the most extensive in Europe. At the southern end, the dunes are still shifting, come six kilometres north, close to Collieston, they are stable and covered in marram grass.

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  Sphagnum moss  
Sphagnum Moss, found in abundance on the moors of the Forvie National Nature Reserve, was in great demand as a field dressing during World War One. With a natural chemical substance that could aid healing, complete with a natural antiseptic, the common plant was much sought after.

In addition to its ability to absorb several times its own weight in water (liquid or blood), Sphagnum Moss was also light to carry, making it ideal for carrying as an in-pocket field dressing.

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