The Collieston Auxiliary Coastguard Company circa 1983. Coming into being as an LSA (Life Saving Apparatus) Company in 1859, there followed a subsequent regrading of the station in 1925 when it was changed from a Regular to an Auxiliary station with a full company of approximately 16 men.

The company is standing in front of the shed where the rescue apparatus is stored, some of which is clearly visible. The building, which can be seen on the extreme right, is one of the former Coastguard Cottages.
Public Transport
On Friday 19th February, 1982, the The Press and Journal contained an article outlining the new-look bus services for the Buchan area. Entitled ‘Ellon bus booster’, one sentence provoked concern and anger in Collieston. It read, ‘Except at school times, buses will no longer serve Collieston’.

Outrage at the loss of their 11 times daily bus service quickly led to action and a petition with more than 100 signatures was hastily collected by the villagers and sent to the bus company, W. Alexander and Sons (Northern) to show them the strength of feeling in the village about their decision to remove Collieston from their itinerary.

Sadly outrage and a petition were not enough to save the bus service and, after dropping off the last passenger at Collieston, Mr John Wood of Whiteness Cottages, the last bus drove out of the village on the evening of Saturday 6th March, 1982 to the sound of a lament played on the bagpipes by Mr Bob Paterson of Coastguard Cottages. Also in attendance were many people from the village, both young and old, all of whom were wearing black armbands to mark the sad occasion.

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Re-enacting the Landing of St Ternan
The commemoration of the landing of St Ternan. On 5th July 1987 the Reverend Michael Erskine, in the role of St Ternan, along with Rear Admiral Steve Ritchie and James Bolland as his boatmen, re-enacted the landing of St Ternan who was reputed to have sailed from Banchory to Collieston during the 5th Century on a mission to bring Christianity to the Pictish inhabitants of the area.

The Picts, played by the pupils of Slains School, followed the Cross from the shore at Cransdale, where St Ternan landed, up the road to the traditional St Ternan’s Well in Slains kirkyard.

After ‘St Ternan’ and his ‘boatmen’ had celebrated their arrival by ‘drinking from the well’, songs and prayers of thanksgiving were followed by the erection of the Cross. The day of celebration concluded with a picnic at Cransdale.

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Pupils and Teachers of Slains School in 1988. Front Row (L to R) William Fuerst, Ian Crawford, Gavin Wilkie, Matthew ?, Peter Hunter, Angus Page.

Second Row (L to R) Oskar ?, Jenny Robinson, Claire Hague, Elaine Cowie, Diane Irvine, Elaine Irvine, Karen Sim, Keri Wilkie, Neil Ritchie.

Third Row (L to R) Mr Connel, Kevin Harper, Susan Coutts, Stuart Sim, Ewan Cowie, Claire Harper, Miss Presley.

Back Row (L to R) Christopher Hunter, Heather Bruce, Christopher Robinson, Helen Sim, Aaron Crump, Stuart Smith.

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