By the mid 1950s, the Pier was in a very sad state of repair. Sir Douglas Ritchie (from an old Collieston family and formerly Vice Chairman of the Port of London Authority, then retired to the village) proposed the formation of a Collieston Amenities Committee. Formed in 1957, its purpose would be to attempt to raise funds for the maintenance of the Pier and the unique system of roadies or paths that run throughout the village.

The first Gala Day to raise money for this conservation task was held in 1958. The Pier was repaired and Gala Day has been a feature of village life every summer since.At the close of the decade, Prime Minister Harold MacMillan was able to pronounce that the country had never had it so good. In Collieston this was reflected by the renovation of a number of cottages as holiday homes, often by people with family ties to the village.
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