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Dr Lewis Mackie talks about his father’s role as a Coastwatcher during WW2, as well as describing a pass that was issued by a Norwegian Brigadier.

Dr Lewis Mackie links a near miss to his courting of the girl who was to become his wife.

Dr Lewis Mackie describes a night when the church bells rang to warn of an invasion.
Dr Lewis Mackie talks about an incident when a stray mine blew up.

Ruby Skinner talks about the evacuee children that arrive in Collieston during WW2.

Anne Burns talks about school life in Collieston as an evacuee.

Anne Burns tells more about her life in Collieston as an evacuee.

Dr Lewis Mackie describes the arrival of evacuee children from Glasgow.

Dr Lewis Mackie tells how “Hitler” the monkey came to live in Collieston.

Anne Burns talks about how she and her friends kept themselves amused in Collieston during WW2.

Mr Ross talks about WW2 and when the army came to Collieston.

Alex Ross describes the incident when as a teenager he was injured following his discovery of a piece of unexploded British ordinance on Forvie Moor.
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