With a declining population, the village could no longer support two churches and a mission hall. The Free Church closed in 1920 and for a time became the village hall. In 1922 the village school closed. The children moved to Slains School and were faced with a daily return walk of almost six miles in all weathers.

By the mid 1920s, only about a dozen small fishing boats remained working out of Collieston, and the Harbour Trustees had disbanded. Village life had reached a low ebb with many cottages abandoned and derelict. A few fishwives continued to ply their trade, still carrying heavy creels laden with fish, from door to door around the neighbouring countryside. Often they bartered for fresh eggs and vegetables and brought fresh farm produce back with them to the village.In 1925 the full time Coastguard Company was disbanded leaving the volunteer Auxiliary Company of some twenty men and women to take on its duties of coast watching and rescue.
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